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Featured sudoku history

A Brief History of Sudoku

A lot of people around the world already know what Sudoku looks like and how it’s played. Who created it and why? Read on to learn more.

Featured sudoku versions

5 Interesting Versions of Sudoku You Can Try Out

Growing tired of classic Sudoku? Then it’s a good thing that there are many other versions of it available for everyone, and here are five of them!

Featured sudoku competition

What Happens During a World Sudoku Championship?

You might be surprised to know that there is actually a World Sudoku tournament. How does it work? Who is eligible to participate? Find out here!

Og sudoku teaching feature

5 Different Ways Teachers Use Sudoku in Classrooms

Many teaching techniques involve using games as a medium to improve student learning experience, and here are five ways you can use Sudoku in yours.

Featured naked pairs

Sudoku Basics: Naked Pairs & Singles

After learning the most basic Sudoku skills, it’s time to advance to more advanced techniques. Some of the most powerful are naked pairs and singles.

Featured sudoku basics

Sudoku Basics: Recognizing Patterns

Round out your basic Sudoku tactics by learning how to recognize patterns within the grid. Read more about this skill and other tips in this article.

Featured sudoku basics

Sudoku Basics: Candidates & Pencil Marking

Becoming a more proficient Sudoku player means learning more basic skills and techniques. Candidates and pencil marking are two of the most essential.

Sudoku Basics: Intersections

As a beginner in solving Sudoku puzzles, there are basics that you must learn beyond scanning, and learning intersections is one of them.

Featured sudoku scanning

Sudoku Basics: Scanning

Beginning your first Sudoku puzzle? Then learning how to scan the grid is one of the most essential skills to have. How do you do it? Find out here!

Is Sudoku a Good Social Activity?

Do you want to play brainy games with your friends or connect with others without having to learn complicated gaming systems? Then try playing Sudoku!

Featured road trip

5 Reasons Why Sudoku Is the Best Game to Play on Long Trips

When you’re on a long trip and you don’t have many ways to entertain yourself, Sudoku is one of the best games to play. Here are five reasons why!

Og sudoku faqs

7 Sudoku FAQs You Should Know

What are the most common Sudoku puzzle questions you need to know? Know seven of them here at!

Featured sudoku swordfish

Sudoku Techniques: Swordfish

Round out your Sudoku puzzle-solving skill by adding the Swordfish technique! How does it work? Why is it called like that? Learn more about it here!

Featured sudoku ywing

Sudoku Techniques: Y-Wing

Adding the Y-Wing technique to your Sudoku Conquest skills can be very helpful in efficiently solving the puzzle. Learn more about it right here!

Featured xwing

Sudoku Techniques: X-Wing

What is the X-Wing strategy in Sudoku Conquest and why do many players prefer to use it? Learn more about it right here at!

Featured sudoku terms

Common Sudoku Terms

When you want to master Sudoku Conquest, it’s important to learn several Sudoku terminologies coined by the community. Read more about them here!

Og sudoku health featured

Health Conditions That Sudoku Can Help With

Sudoku Conquest is a free online game you can always play. But did you know that playing it can also potentially aid with certain health conditions?

Featured sudoku health benefits

7 Health Benefits of Playing Sudoku

Interested in learning more about seven health benefits of playing Sudoku Conquest? Learn about them and play online Sudoku right here!