Is Sudoku a Good Social Activity?

As the gaming world continues to progress, so does its ability to connect a large number of people playing the same game. However, this technical progress has also led to more complicated and taxing gaming mechanics, making specific demographics afraid to try contemporary video games.

So if you enjoy a good, brain-stimulating logic game but can’t keep up with all these modern gaming systems, what is the best game for you to socialize with?

The answer is the timeless and classic Sudoku puzzle!

But how can such a simple-looking game be engaging for multiple people and foster good social interactions? Continue reading to learn more.

Free Sudoku Puzzles Are Easy to Play, Find and Distribute

One of the biggest features of Sudoku is that it is easy to understand, find and give to others. Just fill in cells with numbers and don't repeat even one digit in a single row, column or box. You don’t need gaming consoles or computers to enjoy a Sudoku puzzle. You'll only need a writing tool like a pen or pencil to fill in digits with and a surface to solve the puzzle on.

And you can quickly copy a puzzle off of a newspaper, magazine and of course, the internet. Just type in “easy Sudoku puzzles” and you’ll end up with tons of puzzles to copy and put on sheets of paper that you can play and give to your fellow Sudoku players.

Most Sudoku applications also work even on the most basic of smartphones, so people who use older tech can still enjoy them.

They’re Great for Friendly Competition

Sudoku puzzles are games of logic and critical thinking. And while they were primarily designed to be played for recreational purposes, Sudoku puzzles are also a great way to compete with your social circle. Because of its simple "fill a cell with a number" premise and easy-to-understand rules, it’s a mainstay game for a lot of social circles and is preferred by the older generation.

How do people socially compete with a Sudoku puzzle? Typically, friendly challenges end up being based on whoever solves the puzzle for the day the fastest or who solves the most number of puzzles within a given period. Online sudoku puzzles nowadays also have competitive features, with ranking systems that regularly update themselves.

Complex Puzzles Promote Strategy Sharing and Collaboration

Medium Sudoku puzzles and beyond tend to become more complex than the casual player can handle, and this tends to promote social interactions through strategy sharing and working together to solve them. You’ll be surprised to find that Sudoku has a very dedicated and friendly community that enjoys solving puzzles and adding new people to their ranks at the same time.

Different techniques, tactics and terms have been created by the Sudoku community. Play around with certain column or row patterns, eliminate cells based on certain candidate digits, and find similarities from point A to B, these are just some of the many Sudoku tips and tricks that were made to make the game easier to solve and more enjoyable.

Unlike some gaming communities, which tend to gatekeep or isolate themselves and create hierarchies, a Sudoku player group primarily focuses on solving puzzles and working together. Experienced players improve their self-confidence through mentoring and sharing their knowledge, while new players learn, take notes, and discover a new game and community to explore and interact with.

While playing Sudoku on your own is the norm, it doesn’t mean that others can’t play with you. The classic pen-and-paper Sudoku can be enjoyed by multiple people at once by giving each person their respective column or row. And some online versions of Sudoku also allow multiplayer functions.

It's a Highly Portable Game

Most multiplayer games today require devices and internet connection to be played properly and be engaging. Sudoku doesn’t have those restrictions and can be shared and played with others as long as you have something to write on and write with.

Stuck on a train for hours with your siblings? Compete with one another with easy Sudoku puzzles to pass the time. Bored on a camping trip with your friends? Get a stick and draw a grid on the ground and take turns solving while waiting for your food to cook. There are so many ways you can play Sudoku by yourself or with your friends!

It’s the Perfect Game for All Generations to Bond With

Older generations tend to have little to no interest in modern video games because of how complicated they are, but this rift can easily be filled in by a Sudoku puzzle. Easy to understand and to start, Sudoku is the ideal game for intergenerational interaction. Even if it's just filling in a cell together, thinking and learning with one another can significantly improve relations. With something now in common between generations, all parties can foster a healthy and memorable bond through this simple yet fun game.